It’s not just copywriting. It’s your story and your brand.

I’m a freelance writer who understands how to create great content that adds value to your brand. Content marketing is more than just well-written content. It is valuable content that creates a bond with your customer and makes it likely that they will remember you when they need your time, talent, or product.

The stories you share define your brand and your service. Whatever your product or service, you need to market it in order for people to know about it. You have to tell your story, and your story comes from your brand, which is the beating heart of the product or service that you provide.

That’s where I come in.

I specialize in writing for the veterinary/pet care industry , yoga teachers/studios and other health & fitness practitioners, and musicians.  I hold an MBA from DePaul University, and can write on a variety of business and financial topics.

Am I a good writer? Absolutely. But writing good copy isn’t enough anymore. Writers need to be able to write content that creates a relationship with your brand, content that is driven by a strategy with ROI baked in.

Content is an investment.

According to Search Engine Journal, it costs 60% less to acquire new leads via inbound marketing methods such as content marketing and social media than through more traditional, sales-oriented marketing. A savvy freelance writer with an understanding of your content marketing strategy and how it fits with your overall brand is a solid asset for you.

Content that you create for your brand is like a 401K account. You create assets with valuable content that include your website, blog, and social media content. This content, created to help your clients and customers solve problems, is an investment in your brand. Over time this investment compounds, as more content creates a bigger footprint in search engines, social media groups, and links, increasing the value and visibility of your brand.

Just like a 401K, your investment in content will start to compound the sooner you begin contributing to it. Let’s work on some stories together. You can find out more of my story and take a look at my writing samples and then contact me to discuss your specific writing needs.